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The challenge of running a full-service boating operation is not that far-fetched of an idea if you are Chris Hall. In fact, 45 years of experience working in the parts department, service and then sales while following in his father’s footsteps, makes him perfectly suited to pull it all off.

After Chris’ family business, Bluewater Yacht Sales, was sold in April of 2022, Chris found himself with the opportunity to embark on a new family venture, this time with his wife Jennifer. She had been reeling with her own balancing act—a challenging professional career which had her often on the road— and with two young children who needed her at home. The couple knew there was more in store for their future together.

While sitting at the end of their pier one afternoon and talking about how lucky they were regardless of what seemed daunting challenges, an opportunity sat squarely in front of them. Not five hundred yards from their waterfront home in Seaford, Virginia, was one of the Tidewater’s popular boating destinations, Dare Marina & Yacht Sales. The two had ventured there by boat for gas and ice and routinely watched boats circling around waiting for the fuel pumps to open in the early mornings, but they knew little about its operation.

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Jennifer jumped out of her seat and said to Chris, “You should buy your own marina!… Just like that one,” pointing over to Dare Marina. Chris excitedly responded, “WE should buy our own marina!”  Chris further remarked that he had once heard that the owners might be interested in selling, although there was no active listing.  He was about to find out.

The next day Chris did some inquiring and learned that he had a connection with one of the three owners, Mr. Cason Barco, a well-known businessman in Virginia Beach. The two had lunch, and Chris described the story of the family business being sold and how he had always dreamed of taking that next step in marina ownership. Mr. Barco commented that while he and the other two owners, Hugh Delauney and Pat Milmo, did not want their decades of marina ownership to end, the decision would be simple if they found the right buyer. Indeed, it was a well-suited match.

Dare Marina, previously Chisman Creek Marina, has been a well-known boating operation in historic York County, and the Halls have big plans to continue building Legasea Marine as a Tidewater tradition.

As Maya Angelou once said, “If you’re going to live, leave a legacy.  Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.” The name Legasea Marine seemed fitting, as it is as much a testament to Chris’ family heritage, as it is Chris and Jennifer’s plan to create their own legacy. The Halls have indeed embarked on a journey to leave their footprints in an industry not unfamiliar to either one of them.

The duo has quite a vision for how they see the marina evolving over the coming years, and at the onset of operations met with York County officials to map out their plans. According to Jennifer, “The goal is to leverage the existing footprint to expand marine services to better provide for our boating customers and surrounding community.” They are boaters themselves and actively-involved owners with a very short commute to work. Legasea Marine is visible from their home, keeping the improvements ideas literally at the forefront of their thoughts as they look across the water. They also hope that their children, Madeline, Christian and Lillian, will one day be involved in the business should they desire to be.  In the meantime, they have forged a path to begin building their very own legacy.

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